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Door Tenant 

Called to the Bar: 1985

Year of Silk: 2010 

Joseph is a Legal 500 recommended K.C and Silk. He is an acknowledged leader of both individuals and teams, described as having “exemplary technical and analytical skills” and an “excellent choice of barrister for sensitive complex commercial litigation”.

areas of practice

Business Commercial and Chancery Commercial, Company law and Partnership disputes

Business disputes and problem solving where parties have arrived at an impasse, unable to reach a mutually acceptable agreement or compromise, are unwelcome distractions for businesses. Litigation is the last resort so therefore has to be efficient. Joseph has track record for being pragmatic and sensitive to commercial needs earning him the description “He is flexible in approach, always fights hard to advance his cases and a particular ability for progressing difficult and complicated cases where others have failed”.

”I would happily instruct Joseph again and would not hesitate to recommend him in any commercial and / or business related dispute where legal complexity and extra-ordinary expertise are required” 

Professional Discipline, Regulatory and Tribunal Litigation

Joseph Giret KC has appeared in most tribunals in the UK ranging from General Medical Council to more regularly appearing in the Royal Pharmaceutical Tribunal through to the Military Courts. He can be trusted to fight hard for the client and their cause. “Joseph was involved in a number of high profile difficult and unusual cases, and approached each case and each client with his customary tenacity and a strong determination to do right by his client and for justice”.

Professional Negligence and alleged Commercial Fraud

Joseph fully understands a) how being in the wrong place at the wrong time can lead to misunderstandings: b) how easy it is for others sitting in judgement to arrive at the wrong conclusions: c) how difficult it is sometimes to satisfy the very high, seemingly “impossible to meet” standards set by others, when the “bar is set too high” and or the fact that the “bar” standard has in fact been met, has not been properly understood. All the foregoing scenarios arise in Professional Negligence and Disciplinary Tribunal proceedings. The goal always is to unravel the complex and distil into simple propositions of fact the allegations, to enable the client to present his or her case convincingly. It has been said about Joseph that “in addition to the speed at which he understood the issues, digested the information and devised an ingenious method of presenting this to the Court to advance his arguments, Joseph Giret KC demonstrated an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the law in question”.


Joseph Giret KC gives you a head start when it comes to negotiating a compromise settlement through Mediation; he has been called an “iron fist in a velvet glove” and “puts people exceptionally easily”, exactly the qualities required to be firm but fair in any settlement negotiations for Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation. “Joseph was flexible and pragmatic in his approach, and importantly for us, understood the ‘real world’ business, commercial and operating challenges that exist in the sector and environment our client operated in”. 

Intellectual property

‘From licensed production of my client’s invention in china, and the licensee company stealing and copying my client’s patented electronic relay device, leading to the finding of a solution by way of negotiating a fresh contract rather than launching proceedings, to the hi-jacking of a brilliant, innovative and patented web platform for the finding and marketing of appropriate courses to accompanyjob skills development, through to the trademarking of clothing designs,Joseph has valuable experience in this area / field of legal disputes’


Joseph understands the world of sport having achieved some modest level of success. He gained 3 caps for England as a schoolboy international, competed at National level in the Track and Field event Decathlon, and has trained and competed on road and track bike races since the age of 12, finally retiring from serious competition a year ago. This gives Joseph insight into Sport at every level. This is a rare level of insight that contributes significantly and even further to Josephs skill set in this legal discipline. He has even been an athlete agent. It is an area of law which is close to his heart as a former competitor and one who is a fighter for justice. “Joseph was involved in a number of high profile, difficult and unusual cases, and approached each case and each client with his customary tenacity and strong determination to do right by his client and for justice”



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Door Tenant. 



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