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Entries for September 2008:

Kirsty Gallacher commences at Chambers

25 Sep 2008, 14:35 by John Snell

Labels: barrister, civil, crime, family

Chambers is pleased to announce that Kirsty Gallacher has joined Chambers from East Anglian Chambers having successfully completed her pupillage. Kirsty will be working in the following areas: Crime, Civil and Family. We wish her a happy and successful future.


Rise in minimum pay for Apprentices

24 Sep 2008, 17:28 by Joseph Neville

Labels: employee, employer, employment-law, employment-tribunal, national-minimum-wage

 The government has announced that the minimum pay for apprentices will rise to £95 per week. The increase will mainly benefit low-paid sectors such as care and hairdressing, described by the government as employing more women, rather than construction where apprentice wages are on average already higher than this.

This minimum is not under the auspices of the national minimum wage legislation, from which apprentices under the age of 19 or in their first year are exempt, but instead is a contractual rate between employers and the Learning & Skills Council. The government has however amended the Low Pay Commission's terms of reference to consider the future of the exemption, bearing in mind that by the time the school leaving age is raised to 18 in 2013 it is intended there will be around 500,000 apprentices in the UK.

Written by Joseph Neville, Barrister at New Walk Chambers, specialising in Employment law.


Kate Richards offered Tenancy

24 Sep 2008, 15:37 by John Snell

Chambers would like to congratulate Kate Richards on her successful completion of her pupillage at New Walk Chambers. Kate was offered tenancy and accepted, she will be practicing in the areas of Civil, family & Crime.


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