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Entries for March 2009:

Trading Standards Prosecutions

27 Mar 2009, 15:01 by John Snell

Labels: barrister, licensing, prosecution, trading-standards

Trading Standards cases are increasingly being brought before the courts - many concerning either way offences and some involving imprisonment. John Snell specialises in advices on liability, court venue, and in court appearances.

 Written by John Snell, Barrister at New Walk Chambers, specialising in Criminal Law.


School Appeal Barrister on BBC Radio 4

13 Mar 2009, 18:01 by John Snell

Labels: admission, appeal, education, exclusion, school

School Appeal Barrister Ian Jones is to be interviewed live on BBC Radio 4 breakfast show on Saturday 14TH March about the school admission and school appeal process.


Applications invited for Tenancies

04 Mar 2009, 11:16 by John Snell

Labels: application, barrister, tenancy

Due to an excess of work applications for Tenancies are invited for Barristers up to ten years call. Applications can be made by CV and covering letter or alternatively through our printable application form.


BBC Breakfast Show interviews barrister Ian Jones about school admission appeals

03 Mar 2009, 15:55 by Ian Jones

Labels: admission, admission-appeal, admission-appeals, barrister, education, school, school-appeal, school-appeals, schools-appeals, secondary-school

  Secondary school offers and the school appeal process featured in the news again today, this time on the BBC 1 Breakfast ShowIan Jones outlined the appeal system, while Schools Secretary Ed Balls MP was later asked about the use of a lottery system to allocate school places and about whether the system is too complicated.

Written by Ian Jones, Barrister at New Walk Chambers, specialising in Education Law.


School Appeals barrister Ian Jones in London Evening Standard article

02 Mar 2009, 15:54 by Ian Jones

Labels: admission, admission-appeal, article, education, evening-standard, school, school-admissions, school-appeal, secondary-school

Media interest in school admissions and appeals reaches fever pitch today as Secondary school offer letters start to arrive. The Guardian is running a special feature.

 Written by Ian Jones, Barrister at New Walk Chambers, specialising in Education Law.


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