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New CPS Guidelines for Football Hooligans

02 Sep 2013, 09:59 by Priya Bakshi

Labels: abuse, barrister, criminal-charges, discriminatory-chanting, football-banning-orders, football-hooligans, hate-crime, legal-services, world-cup

The Crown Prosecution Service and the Association of Chief Police Officers published a joint policy on 23 August 2013 for dealing with violence, disorder, criminal damage and abuse in and around football matches this
season. Moreover, offences of racist and homophobic and discriminatory chanting and abuse and other types of hate crime will also be dealt with robustly.

This policy has come in force ahead of the World Cup to be held next year. 

The guidelines are a reminder of the use of Football Banning Orders (FBOs) which have a minimum duration of 3 years. Whenever there is sufficient evidence to bring an offender before a court on criminal charges and where an FBO is regarded as necessary, appropriate action will be taken. Those guilty of ticket touting will also face the possibility of an FBO.

The guidelines further emphasise that because of the duration of the FBO, anyone who receives an FBO this year will therefore be prevented to travel for the World Cup 2013 in Brazil and the Euros 2016 in France. Offenders will be required to surrender their passports and will be prevented from travelling anywhere abroad during the tournaments.


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