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School admissions decision overturned in High Court

04 Nov 2008, 12:08 by John Snell

Labels: admission, advice, appeal, barrister, education, high-court, lawyer, school-appeal, schools-adjudicator

 A school admissions policy has been reinstated this week after a High Court ruling. Drayton Manor High School had earlier been ordered by the Schools Adjudicator to change its admission policy because ‘it indirectly discriminated against children form disadvantaged backgrounds'. However, the High Court has now ruled the Adjudicator's decision unlawful.

Ian Jones, a barrister specializing in school appeals and education law at New Walk Chambers, comments: "The Schools Adjudicator has a team of barristers to trawl through and find fault with school admission policies. Most schools, especially voluntary-aided/ church  schools, do not have any legal advice when they draw up their admissions policy. Parents are placed in an even more difficult position." Mr. Jones adds:  "Any school needing to review its admissions policy should seek professional advice at any early stage."


School Appeals - Beyond the appeal

09 Jul 2008, 13:35 by Ian Jones

Labels: advice, direct-access, education, judicial-review, ombudsman, school-appeal

School appeals don't always go in the parents' favour.  One of our direct access barristers, Ian Jones, has recently received several requests for advice from parents who have represented themselves and lost their appeal.  Generally, the decision of the independent appeal panel is final and binding on parents and schools alike.  Only in rare circumstances can the result be set aside, either after pursuing a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman or by an application for judicial review.  Otherwise, seeking legal advice after the hearing will be too late.


Ian Jones, direct access barrister specialising in school appeals and education law.


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