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For further help using and understanding RSS feeds please see the following information:

What are RSS feeds?

RSS feeds allow you to be kept up to date with the latest information from any source you choose. You can have breaking news and announcements beamed to your desktop without ever having to visit a website!

How do I use RSS feeds?

By using software that will allow you to read and then if you choose subscribe to the feed. Subscribing to the feed alerts you automatically of the latest news coming from that source. These software packages are called News readers and some of the best ones are free.

Some modern browsers already support RSS these include:

Internet Explorer 7

If you are using one of these you need look no further! Consult your browsers documentation on using RSS news feeds.

How to get a News Reader

You can find some common News Readers for the main operating systems here:

Newz crawler


Web based
My Yahoo!

Once you have your News Reader installed look for orange RSS icons on the sites you visit.

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